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The Boys #15 (Spoilerish)

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  • The Boys #15 (Spoilerish)

    So, I really liked the last arc the story was great and I feel like it did a lot for some secondary characters but the art was just not up to par in 13 and 14.

    That was one of the reasons I thought 15 was so good the art is back! Also, lots of character development in this one not so much action but through their last mission the reader still doesn't really know much about the team so I think this is a good start for the next arc. The Super Gal from the Seven having her personal struggle with God was well done and to see her and lil'Hughie hug in the end I cant wait to see where that goes...will the boys have an inside in the Seven? Or will Butcher teach lil'Hughie some of his ole tricks on how to treat a woman? cant wait...


    Also, just for shits and giggles I wanted to say I love this comic its way too good!