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A little help with some clarification?

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  • A little help with some clarification?

    Okay, here's the story. My local, and unfortunatly only, comic store is about useful as far as I could pitch the building. I wandered in long ago and stumbled upon the first two issues of Ashes to Ashes. I was exicted and couldn't wait to get the rest, but they never came. All I heard was answers like "It's late", understandable, and "It's canceled". I finally managed to get someone there to order the last two issues of that arc and all of Shop 'Till you Drop for me. But they're offical position is that it's canceled and refuse to order new issues for me. So what I need for you guys in the know, seeing as I'm having trouble figuring out from the "Coming soon" on the website is;

    1.How many issues are actually out already? Finished and sitting in your homes right now. And when were they published and what issues?

    2. Are there more issues coming? When are they coming out? Maybe I can find someplace else to preorder them.

    Yeah I'm way behind and I'm hoping to catch up, thanks.

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    OK, lets see if I can help.

    First we had Ashes to Ashes (4 issue mini)

    Then we got Shop Till you Drop Dead (4 issue mini)

    Then we get Army of Darkness vs The Re-animator (4 issues #1-4)

    then issue #5 and any after are Army of Darkness

    That is where we are at!

    IT WAS NEVER CANCELLED, your comic shop dudes are morons.

    Hope that makes sense