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Red Sonja #9: The Verdict?

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  • Red Sonja #9: The Verdict?

    I picked-up Number 9 today (although, the cover I chose was different to those pictured here)!

    This was another in the series with that "flashback" segment in the middle. What do you guys reckon?

    Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!

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    The comics are almost out of storage as we are now in our new house.

    Organizing the computer/comic room has not been a priority yet, but I am getting close.

    I will also be scanning new issues/covers in the next few days to update my collection listing here and moving the scans back to my own server.

    Then, its a matter of catching up on my reading, then I can provide an opinion. Whew, yeah thats it.


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      I am surprised at how good this comic is.

      TBH I didn't expect very much from it when I first picked it up. But Oeming has really added some depth to Sonja. Made her very human.

      I especially liked Sonja's reply to the Girl's remarks about the bikini and how it might just encourage a repition of the past...Perhaps that is what Sonja wants. Chilling. It gives her killing sprees an air of pre-meditation on her part. Great stuff.


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        Thanks. Roy layed down so much territory for great character stuff with Sonja, Im very excited we are getting to a bunch of it.