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  • "The Wild Wild West"

    Okay, Dynamite

    You've done a great job, so far with "The Lone Ranger"and the new "Zorro" book is cool, and I can't wait for the new "The Man With No Name" comic. So you guy's (along with DC's "Jonah Hex") have helped bring the western back to comics big time, so what should be next? Here's an idea, how about "The Wild Wild West"?
    (and I do mean the classic 1960's TV series with Robert Conrad and Ross Martin. Not that piece of sh*t Will Smith movie)
    The show had everything a comic fan loves, it was part western, part James Bond spy adventure and part sci-fi/supernatural.
    It had great adventure, cool gadgets ,interesting disguises, awesome fight scenes, hot babes and the two coolest agents ever, James West and Artemus Gordon.
    I remember there was a comic back in the '60's (Gold Key if I remember right) and a 4 issue mini series in the late '80's/early '90's, but I think Dynamite is the right company to do a new version of the comic. Anyone else agree?

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    that would be me bring on jim and artemus asap