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    Originally posted by Angel Ireul
    Cool, no rush, I forgot about it myself, seems it was a less popular series. I'm stuck trying to get everything off ebay. So its a slow and kind of pricey experience.
    Have you tried local comic stores which keep stocks of back-issues? Also, the series is available online here at Dynamite, as well as as most reputable online comic suppliers.

    Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!


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      Sadly I work like a dog and don't have my own transportation (long ridiculous story) at the moment so I'm limited to online. I try to compare between dynamite and ebay as well so I haven't been completely wiped out


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        Here's my list so far although I have more on the way hopefully in the mail.

        Army of Darkness Ashes to Ashes

        #1 Templesmith,#1Campbell Sketch, Templesmith, Neconomicon, Director’s cut, GITD Sugar Baby, & Signed Necronomicon no C.O.A, Director’s Cut Foil

        #2 Bradshaw, Land Sketch, Photo Mini Ash, Photo Skeletons

        #3 Oeming, Lopresti, Oeming Sketch, Lopresti Sketch

        #4 Garza

        Shop Till You Drop

        #1 Sketchbook, Ebas, Isanove, Rivera, Bradshaw incentive

        #2 Bradshaw, Garza incentive

        #3 Bradshaw, Greene, Glow in the Dark

        #4 Bradshaw, Bradshaw Incentive, Bradshaw Sketch, Greene

        Army of Darkness Vs. Reanimator

        #1 Greene, Dell'Otto, Jones, Incentive #0

        #2 Tan, Bradshaw, Rubik

        #3 Tan, Rubik

        #4 Bradshaw, Greene

        Army of Darkness (Old School)

        #5 Greene, Laguna

        #6 Biggs, Laguna, Sharpe, Bradshaw Sketch

        #7 Sharp, Azaceta, O'Hare, Sketch

        #8 Moore, Lee, Bradshaw, Camuncoli

        #9 Sharpe, Bradshaw, Marcos, Smith, Virgin

        #10 Sharpe, Bradshaw, Marcos, Sejic

        #12 Sharpe, Sablik, Blanco

        #13 Sharpe, Blacno, Nguyen, Phillips (red)

        I don't have any of the Marvel Zombies, Darkman, or #11 yet.


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          Seems you have alot of variants I don't have, which usually are not cheap. I usually never see them locally and Ebay is not my favorite way of completing a collection. Hunting around locally and when I am out of town on business is fun and I enjoy it when all of a sudden I find an issue I have been looking for. It's all part of the hobby for me.


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            I actually prefer it your way. Its way more fun to be a treasure hunter, although if you get stuck ebay is nice. I haven't paid more than $19 for anything, we all have our limits.


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              Did Arhur suydam do the covers for any of AOD comics (besides Marvel Zombies Vs Aod).