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    I have three items to let everyone know about for this update. Firstly, I would like you all to help me welcome our newest artist Joao SILVEIRA! Joao (pronounced: jwa ohm, the English translation is John), is an extremely talented artist (as you will see when you take a look at his art) who works mostly in paints, but specializes in mixed media. I have a handful of pieces by Joao for sale, but hope to have more art available and to begin taking commission requests very soon. In particular Joao has created a fantastic battle scene of Alex Ross' "Black Terror" taking on a huge robot.
    Secondly, I just finished posting the latest two issues of Batman and the Outsiders (Issues #11 & 12) with art by Ryan Benjamin and inks by Saleem Crawford. There are several pages with great team shots and many with Batman and Batgirl.
    Lastly, several of our artists are currently accepting commission requests. Roger CRUZ, Joe PRADO, Rafael ALBUQUERQUE, Daniel HDR, Jorge CORREA Jr., Jay LEISTEN and Rod REIS. If you are thinking about picking up a commission by any of these artists, now is your perfect opportunity.
    Thanks for your continued support.
    Happy collecting.


    619 370-2398