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  • Red Sonja 40

    Yippieh! She's back and with a vengeance! Since we hadn't seen her in her chain mail bikini for a long time (except for some dream images), I am extremely amazed about the issue 40. There is so much of great Sonja art, which we missed the whole year 2008. In fact I liked the two arcs since issue 30, but the story of the reborn Sonja was unnecessarily complicated and not as straight ahead barbaric as I want her to be. And I must admit, that the voyeuristic aspect of the series was always very important to me and the total lack of that displeased me. But now everything is okay again. Thanks for the experience but hey, now the future looks bright again.

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    It is looking up, but we shall have to have faith they get it back on track.

    To be perfectly honest, the first 12 issues were by far and away better in in every aspect than the rest of the series.

    Guys, come on!