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    I'm one of those ppl that requests to hold a copy of every RS comic that gets in (and I would think that they would know that ==> I <== out of all ppl would DEFINITELY buy it) but yet every time I came in and ask for it... they sold out before they even get chance to put anything in my box. So I'm pretty sure that's a very good indication of how popular RS is.


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      Originally posted by MarsNeedsBowlers
      I agree with you, Mendoza. I can't help but wonder if DE has bigger fish to least until the movie comes out.

      Anybody know about sales figures? My local comic store owner tells me that I'm his only regular that picks up RS.
      FROM :

      133 - RED SONJA (Dynamite)
      02/2006: Red Sonja #5 38798
      02/2007: Red Sonja #19 22322
      02/2008: Red Sonja #29 17618
      03/2008: Red Sonja #30 16543 -6.10%
      04/2008: Red Sonja #31 15864 -4.10%
      05/2008: Red Sonja #32 16114 +1.58%
      06/2008: Red Sonja #33 15307 -5.01%
      07/2008: Red Sonja #34 15523 +1.41%
      08/2008: Red Sonja #35 14834 -4.44%
      09/2008: Red Sonja #36 14652 -1.23%
      10/2008: Red Sonja #37 14105 -3.73%
      11/2008: Red Sonja #38 13994 -0.79%
      12/2008: Red Sonja #39 13516 -3.42%
      01/2009: -
      02/2009: Red Sonja #40 13232 -2.10%
      6 months: -10.80%
      1 year: -24.89%
      2 years: -40.72%
      3 years: -65.90%

      01/2008: She-Devil With a Sword Annual #1 18777
      02/2009: She-Devil With a Sword Annual #2 9658
      1 year: -48.56%

      Like the other sword-and-sorcery entries on this list from Dynamite and Dark Horse, Red Sonja has experienced significant sales dips over the past year, to the tune of 25%. This points to a possible apathy toward fantasy comics in general at the present time. Red Sonja can’t keep shedding readers forever before Dynamite goes in a new direction.



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        A more coherent storyline and bringing back Mel Rubi would do wonders for the title.


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          Thanks, Terry, for the sales numbers. Not good numbers, mind you, but real numbers...and appreciated.


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            Doesnt bode well such small numbers. I reckon they will probably end it at issue 50


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              I have only missed two issues, and that wasn't my fault.

              I still read this title, and I really like it. I think there are two factors that have diminished sales.

              1) The economy taking a downturn

              2) Alteration of the character

              On the other hand, #2 is getting better and more like original RS, enough so that I'm interested in seeing where it goes. But #1 is still an issue. Price of comics is really high for the time you are entertained by them vs. video games and movies, and books....

              I would prefer to see it as a bimonthly but bigger and bolder book, if you understand my meaning. Larger tales, longer stories, and more self-contained. Keeping continuing sub-plots of course for extended continuity, but more of a finished story in each comic would be great.

              Also, if "Savage Tales" was more like "Savage Sword of Conan" where you get a 35-40 page primary story of Red Sonja and one featured secondary story at the end of it featuring other characters/stories/articles, I would like it a lot more and be more likely to pick it up. I really dislike the RS cover and no RS story inside, BTW. That AIN'T cool, and it will potentially turn off buyers. And despite the idea of alternate covers selling more, there is nothing worse than getting the same issue twice by accident for annoying someone who has to strain to afford all the comics they want to get. Don't annoy your audience is the first rule.



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                Savage Tales ended months ago didnt it?

                I dont think you can blame the economy and this current por plot for everything though.

                Simple fact is, although RS has a loyal hardcore fanbase, she is just not very popular at all. Most people have not heard of her, or just dont care.

                Unless this movie finally appears, and is an absolute blockbuster that somehow deflects a lot of attention toward this ailing comic, I think the coffin lid is pretty much sealed.


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                  But there are no news about the movies anymore. I don't believe they are still planning to do one. But I think, DE had a good fan-base for RS. They printed Trading Cards!!! But at the moment they don't care for RS very much. Instead they cared for a superhero book. Shame, because the shops are full of that. DE made a difference, when they concentrated on other stuff. And now, when sales aren't so good for Project anymore, they try to concentrate on new stuff as Buck Rogers and Dracula. I can see clearly, that they will get a little money for Buck, but for Dracula they will only get applause and nothing else. I hope they come back to their roots again. Adv. of RS Vol. 4 is listed at amazon for months but I think the message got lost on it's way to this board and now no-one wants to know about it. They announced new limited series last fall.

                  Sword and sorcery wasn't a blockbuster back when RS started, so where's the news? What I think is, that sales broke in when RS died last year. The idea of a new Sonja is much too strange, when everyone loved the old Sonja. I fear, that DE broke her and their neck with this absolute bull.


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                    No offence intended here whatsoever, Red Bryan, but there isn't a single part of your post that's actually true or, for that matter, factual.


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                      No offense taken, Simon. The post mirrors my opinion and I am just a fanboy without any knowledge in economics. But I miss "Project" in the TOP 100 of Previews for months while the RS TPBs made it in the TPBs TOP 10. There are no news about the Rodriguez-movie. And the shops are full of superhero books! Anything else is truly speculation of mine. Let's discuss it. What are the facts? Who has a different opinion? Who made other observations? That's why we are here, aren't we?
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                        I am actually quite liking the current storyline, after its dubious start. The artwork seems to be getting better again as well, like more time is being spent instead of rushing.

                        I dont see though how they are going to get people to like the current iteration of Sonja as much as the one that died - unless this one suddenly gets her soul and memories somehow.

                        Oh well, time will tell.


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                          Originally posted by Mason Cain
                          Simple fact is, although RS has a loyal hardcore fanbase, she is just not very popular at all. Most people have not heard of her, or just dont care.
                          Also, DE has really turned off some of the hardcore fans who were expecting handling of the character similar to Conan... but has really turned it into more like Hercules?? I think that is the closest I can come up with a comparison.


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                            Originally posted by P~~ View Post
                            Just seems a bit too quite here lately. Anyone have a good topic we could chat about?
                            I'm a newbie here, but I have been reading Red Sonja since middle of last year and I am enjoying her comics month in and month out. I hope more poeple join the boards and come over to the Red Sonja section so we can get some good RS talk going!


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                              Am new to here and the Dynamite RS, but know her from the old days. As for why she is not doing well, the economy is only part of it. There have been various mis-cues that are hurting:

                              While multiple covers may be great for art availability, it does run up costs, from paying the artists in the first place to added tooling and press run costs.

                              The hard core fan base has an expectation of how Sonja should be, like in the Marvel days. The darker cast on her from the beginning and the various (and sometimes serious) deviations from her character does not endear the veterans to the current titles.

                              Story lines are often way too long. Three or four issues at max and move on to some single issue stories before going to another multi-parter. The central comic should be tight and nimble, like Sonja. If they really feel that a seemingly endless story is good, put it into a side run or a graphic novel. 'Conehead' gets very old very quickly.

                              Killing her off was a bad idea, especially when the 'new' Sonja is out of sync with the former one.

                              Queen Sonja? A logical progression of her adventurous career, or a sop to the desires of the noblewoman they came up with? Queens are, by definition, not prone to adventures. They are concerned with administration and PR, not what Sonja thrives on, or readers find interesting. Or is this just a way to 'exit stage right' after a few issues?


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                                I used to like the multiple covers. Now, they all seem the same. I don't even care which one I pick up.

                                The storyline length is pretty much market driven. Single issue sales don't mean much anymore, from what I read. It's the trade collections were the money is made. So story arcs are 5 or 6 issues long and a few months later, you get Red Sonja Vol.X. It seems like the only time there is single issue story is when the regular artist falls behind and the need a fill-in issue.