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Any Chance For A New Lone Ranger Statue?

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  • Any Chance For A New Lone Ranger Statue?

    The people who worked on the upcoming Zorro statue did a phenomenal job.

    I wasn't happy with the recent Lone Ranger statue that came out and was wondering if it were possible to put out a new one designed by Tom & Joy Snyder. Perhaps they can design a statue with John Cassaday that reflected his artwork, specifically the images on the covers of Lone Ranger #5 & 14.

    Sorry that I couldn't put the image in the thread but I don't know how to do that.

    What do you all think?

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    If it's statues you want, look up Ruben Procopio and Masked Avenger Studios. He has done both and remarkably well.Masked Avenger Studios


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      Full size Lone Ranger Statue needed

      I'm definitely aware of the previous statues but I feel that it would look amazing if they created a statue from the Lone Ranger cover. It's bold and you get the impression that this isn't someone to mess with. I got that same feeling from the recent Zorro statue they're coming out with. That one looks awesome and an equally awesome Lone Ranger statue would be perfect!