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    Originally posted by Red Bryan View Post
    Me, too. With a big BUT in it! The thing is, that every reader wants to have the old Sonja back, including me. I really enjoyed all the issues after her death, but it is clear, that only the old Sonja is the real McCoy and there will not be rest until she is back in her chain mail bikini and in her barbaric behaviour. So why all this? Only to get rid of her former origin? That would not have to be told in more than a year. Above all that I liked all the issues since issue 1, and that is not changing. But I have feared for the future of the series the whole year because I think many readers left the ship.
    Add me to the list. The new Sonja is not the one we have come to know and love, nor is she in harmony with the Marvel version. For all her faults, Sonja was a woman of the people, cared for the 'little guys', and took their cause. If they really needed (as opposed to merely wanted) to do the death and rebirth thing, they should have picked someone more in tune with the classic Sonja. Not even good storytelling and artwork make up for a bad premise.

    I agree with # 15 being blasphemey. The real Sonja would have never banged the guy, 'god' or not. That just cheapened her and denied what she has lived for since '72.