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Which enemies do Red Sonja and Conan share?

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  • Which enemies do Red Sonja and Conan share?

    I haven't read all of the old Marvel series of Red Sonja or Conan comics which Red Sonja appeared in (there are just so many). Can someone help list some of the enemies they fought together back in those comics?

    I don't want to spoil any upcoming stories, but it would be a real help if I knew who they had battled together in the past. One example I guess would be Thulsa Doom, since Conan fought him in the movie, and Red Sonja fought him in her miniseries. I know Conan battled Doom in his own comic series too, but he appeared differently (with a skull for a face). Will it ever be explained how he changed his appearance? Is it because he was resurrected, because he's a sorcerer and can change shape? I loved the comic and the character, and would love to learn more.

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    Can't really remember anyone particular they fought togther . As far as Thulsa Doom is concerned they are really different versions of the same character with no real connection . The Howard and Marvel skull version Thulsa was the enemy of Kull . Conan fought him during time-travelling adventures in the comics only . For _some_reason John Milius decided to use a version of Thulsa in the first film , with no reference as far as I remember to Kull - no idea why he didn't use say Thoth Amon who_was_a Conan enemy. Dynamite _somehow_have the rights to the film version of Thulsa and have put him in Sonja's psuedo Hyborian Age where of course he _won't_be able to meet Conan .