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The "Herogasim" Mini-Series.....

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  • The "Herogasim" Mini-Series.....

    Discuss the Herogasim mini-series here! Looks like he is getting more and more popular with fans of "The Boys" and it's time he breaks out with his own series, who's excited?
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    Just read the second Herogasm issue and damn, it's hilarious, crude, unforgettable and I love it. Some images and/or sentences get seared in your mind you're warned.
    I can't wait to see what Butch is gonna do now that Vought has decided the gloves are off.


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      Am I just misreading this, or is the initial post suggesting that "Herogasim" [sic] is a character from "The Boys"?


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        I loved the scene in the miniseries where Herogasim, the superhero character, repelled the Alien Invasion! That was great the way he used his powers!!! What a great character! I'm glad he's finally coming into his own in this miniseries devoted to him. I've been a big fan of this particular character for quite awhile. He's definitely STAND-OUT in this series!


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          Yeah dunno what the OP was on, makes it sound like he's talking about a character not the series. Anyway, I'm enjoying the spinoff series, it was kinda weird to read it out of continuity though. The stuff that happened in Herogasm took place before The Boys 31 and 32, so that kinda confused me a little until I read the 2nd issue of Herogasm.


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            I loved it when Herogasim went mano-a-mano with Doctor Doom. Although I did like the Golden Age "Barry Allen" Herogasim better than the new, edgy Herogasim.