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Wow am I lucky or what?

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  • Wow am I lucky or what?

    OK, so I go to my local comic shop almost every wednesday to pick up any issues that are waiting in my

    subscription box, check the back issues, as well as check whatever makes it to the racks.... Well last week I

    mentioned to the manager how there was a lack of incentive issues over the last few months and he said he would

    check into it.

    Well today, when I arrived and checked my box, there was a stack of comics which totally cought me by surprise

    since the last few weeks have been pretty slow for me. WTF I say . The manager says "Oh I was able to locate

    a few incentive issues and I thought I would give you first crack at them

    I started to tremble a little with excitment, and almost pee'd myself after discovering what was waiting for


    The stack included

    Red Sonja #7 Adam Hughes Red Foil Virgin
    Red Sonja #9 Tomm Coker Negative
    Red Sonja #9 Billy Tan Negative
    Red Sonja #10 Billy Tan Negative
    Red Sonja #10 Joe Benitez Negative
    Red Sonja #11 Pat Lee Virgin
    RS vs Thulsa Doom #1 Dell'Otto Virgin (Red Foil title)
    RS vs Thulsa Doom #2 Will Conrad Virgin
    RS vs Thulsa Doom #3 Will Conrad Virgin
    RS vs Thulsa Doom #4 Will Conrad Virgin
    Army of Darkness #7 Kevin Sharpe Sketch Cover

    Believe it or not, but I got all these for just $63.98 Canadian.... That just made my day!

    These issues will be added to my collection listings on the board if you are interested... Enjoy, I know I am

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    Nice find!

    Quite frankly, though I've been collecting comics since early Highschool (13yrs ago) I never understood the Why in Variant Covers... I mean... sure some are always nicer than other but... "Don't judge a book by it's cover!" y'know I collect comics for the content, the art & story... I dont understand paying the extra bucks for the same content, same art, same story, but different cover. I guess some are more into it than others

    PS: canadian uh? Where from? I'm in Montreal QC (well not far from)


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      Well I guess I am the reason why there are soo many variants out there nowadays. The 90's was really bad for this, but for us who can afford it its kinda fun ya know!!


      I am over on the other side dude, Prince George, BC....


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        Whoa! That's one helluva haul!

        Yes, definitely lucky mate!

        Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!