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    Hi guys
    Glad to join the club. I like checking in to see new LR news, but there doesn't seems to be a lot going on, so I'm just gonna be a newbie pest to try and stir up some conversation. I've been a fan since the I was a kid in the 70's (reruns). I certainly don't have the wealth of knowledge that others may have, but I got spirit!! My first question is about the "fans". I wish there were more younger ones. Although I very much enjoy Clayton Moore, and he's no doubt the best one to date, I didn't grow up with him, so other interpretations don't bother me so much. I happened to really enjoy Legend of the Lone Ranger (probably just lost some cred), and I'm looking forward to Disney's version. I've read that the "old time" fans were a partial reason of the failure for Legend. I guess I'm thinking there will never be another Clayton Moore, so the support may not be there by the old timers-no disrespect intended-for any future movie, and that movie (unless they destroy it) will bring in more fans. Am I misreading the loyalty to Clayton fans? Are you all open to a slightly modernized interpretation as long as the basics are the same-origin, no killing, equal partnership etc.. Looking forward to the discussion.

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    Welcome JeffD! Glad you're here!
    The biggest problem with Legend of the Lone Ranger is the way the Wrather Corp. treated Clayton Moore by stripping him of the mask. That, and Klinton Spilsbury was uncooperative with the filmmakers and did not support the project. Those two elements more than anything doomed the film.
    I know there are fans who will not accept anything less than a mirror image of Clayton Moore as the Lone Ranger in any updated version. I also know that for the franchise to survive and grow, it will have to move beyond Clayton and become something a new generation can relate to. It does need to hold to the core principals, but what appealed to kids in the '50s is much different than what appeals to them today. Filmmakers have to respect that, or they'll waste their time making a movie no one will watch.


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      I think they can appeal to the younger crowd if they Batman it up a little bit. I read a prior thread about how Lone Ranger isn't Batman. I couldn't disagree more. The parallels are obvious: tragedy as origin, hidden identity, fights crime with trusted partner, unique weapon of choice, coolest ride in town, refuses to kill, evil foil etc...If they play on that a little, it would be awesome. Dark Knight proves that a great story with a great character/hero (with no super powers) can make some money. I certainly don't want it to all take place at night, no need for a fake voice, no CGI at ALL, no love interest, no blood etc...but there has to be a way kids leave the theater saying "I want to be like that guy". I hope the Disney folks are actually reading this title to get some idea how to do it right. I hope Jerry does it enough justice to respect the older fans, yet modernize it enough to overcome the fact he hasn't been in the spotlight for years because as you said, I'm not sure how many new fans this comic has generated. I wish there was a way to figure out the demographic of who's buying this book.


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        The writers of the new movie have done many great movies, among them the two newest Zorro movies. If they do for the Lone Ranger what they did for Zorro in "Mask of Zorro" I will be very happy. That was a thrilling adventure without any "supernatural element" to it.