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    While I'm sure there is no one out there who has not heard of Sherlock Holmes, I'm sure there are people who have rather minimal knowledge of the original stories. My own experience with Holmes is rather limited to "Young Sherlock Holmes", Basil Rathbone films and old time radio shows. Since Dynamite has begun with an all-new adventure ("The Trial of Sherlock Holmes"), I thought I'd provide some links to the original stories and adaptations thereof:

    The entire Sherlock Holmes canon by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is online here:

    A chronology of the canon is shown here:

    A different look at the canon's chronology (from "The Annotated Holmes"):

    Self Made Hero is publishing graphic novels based on the four novel length adventures ("Hound of the Baskervilles" is available now):

    StoriesNow has OTR adaptations of most of the canon, plus some of the "Further Adventures":

    Finally, I have a question for the esteemed writers of the DE Holmes. It may have been answered elsewhere and I missed it. Where would "The Trial of ..." fit in terms of the canon? I plan to read pick up "The Complete Sherlock Holmes" in the near future (I prefer to do my reading with actual books), and am just curious where this new adventure might take place (not that continuity/chronology was ever really important in the Holmes universe).
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    Some great resources there MadMikeyD!

    I'd add the BBC's Cult Holmes radio series which features new/alternate Holmes stories written by the likes of Paul (Captain Britain) Cornell and Kim (Anno Dracula) Newman. All the stories can be downloaded (for FREE) here http://z0mbieastronaut.livejournal.c...s+in+belgravia or can be read at

    People interested in going a bit further with their Holmes reading should definitley pick up Leslie S. Klinger's New Annotated Holmes books (or just borrow them from the library) - incidentally, Mr. Klinger has written a little afterword for our Holmes trade!

    The Trial of Sherlock Holmes takes place in October 1895 between the Conan Doyle stories The Adventure of Black Peter and The Bruce-Partington Plans. It's worth pointing out though that (most of) Doyle's stories are supposed to have been written by Watson for public consumption and therefore would probably have had names and such altered to protect people's identities. The Trial is not written by Watson or anyone else so it is a "raw" tale - unedited and uncensored.


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      Great stuff that I'll be sure to check out.

      And for me, Jeremy Brett is "MY" Sherlock Holmes.


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        I have to agree that Brett is always wonderful as Holmes.

        Thought the Sherlockians amongst you might be interested in an article I wrote for SteamPunk Magazine #6 entitled "Baritsu, Bartitsu, and the Ju-Jutsuffragettes". It's all about the Victorian martial art Bartitisu which the great detective was supposedly a practitioner of. The magazine can be downloaded (as a PDF) for free at or ordered (as an actual magazine) at