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Rose McGowan pulled out of Red Sonja?

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  • Rose McGowan pulled out of Red Sonja?

    Rose McGowwan twitted about Red Sonja and the other films she was supposed to
    film in 2008.
    Red Sonja has been delayed multiple times due to injuries, financial crisis, and
    the Conan remake/reboot. Here's another one to add to the list:

    Rose McGowan took the time to twitter about "Red Sonja" and the other film she
    was supposed to film in 08( "Black Oasis," "Woman in Chains," "Inferno," and

    "Just this once I'll address questions about "Red Sonja" & others I was meant to
    do in '08. Major personal & private; reasons I pulled out. Starting 2 want to
    work again. Sometimes real life f***ing sucks. That's all. God bless us

    Robert was interviewed a few weeks ago and said that "Red Sonja" will film in
    2010 or 2011.

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    McGowan talks Sonja

    Whether you think she fits it or not, Rose McGowan is still going to be RED

    The Robert Rodriguez directed movie about the fiery warrior has been put
    aside but not for too long.

    McGowan wanted to address the film and it's status on her Twitter account,
    "To clarify press reports: Red Sonja is delayed. I pulled out of doing it in
    '09. Not permanently. Hopefully will follow Conan."

    We got news on the delay in July because of economic reasons, but not
    anything definite on why McGowan pulled out of doing SONJA. Speculation was
    saying that it was due to a short breakup with Rodriguez.

    Who knows why it happened, all that matters is that she's still doing it, "I
    am still contracted to do it, Red Sonja. Hopefully filming in '10 not '09."


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      I'm still not able to see how she is going to play our redheaded reaver!


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        Great news. I'm starting to have hope for the film after all. Let's hope this time they pick somebody who isn't uglier than a mud fence.


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          I wish she would **** off. She is an amazingly bad choice to play Red, and generally a waste of screen time in anything.


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            I always thought Laura Prepon (That 70's Show) would make a great Red Sonja.


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              Its hard to cast someone as Red Sonja. She has to be absolutely gorgeous, with an AMAZING body. C cup breasts at a minimum (gotta fill out the chain bikini) and her arms and legs need some definition. Other pluses would a be martial arts or some sort of ballet background in order to pull off some of the fighting and other stunts we'd expect our favorite heroine would do.

              I think a good example would be a younger red headed 6 ft tall Krista Allen. Goto youtube and look up Krista Allen workout and you'll see a damn good example at the type of body we should be looking for in Red Sonja. Not too muscular to lose the sexiness and enough to be credible enough to kick your ass.


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                I said some time ago that Rose M. would never make it to the screen as Red Sonja. I don't care if they made some announcement or whatever, it is a long time from announcing to production. She isn't a box office draw by any means, and they are more likely to cull some Australian unknown actress that looks the part and can act (what is it about those Australians?), and have the main villain be a known name actor/actress, and perhaps other side characters.

                Rose McGowan would be box office disaster, and the studio can smell it. She "pulled out" of it because they didn't want her anymore. Right now Rose McGowan is cooold material in hollywood with so many more beautiful and talented actress to contend with.


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                  Christina Henrickson who plays a buxom redhead on Mad Men would make a great Red Sonja. Her acting is very good too. If they don't offer her an audition, then they are not very professional.


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                    Hey it'd be pretty awesome if they got some unknown to play as Red Sonja, especially if it's a gal who LOOKS the part *drools* and if she can ACT the part as well *faints*

                    But i think its looking more and more like this project is gonna get shelved. A damn shame, but personally i didnt have much hope for it with McGowan as our deadly heroine.

                    Edit: Christina Hendricks of Firefly fame (Browncoats FOREVER!), i think might be able to pull it off. She's a bit on the older side at 34, but if she works out and tones up her body, she'd look real damn good as Red Sonja. She's got the bust size and she's most definately have the sass to make those snarky comments as she cuts people up. But i'm guessing the age thing is still too big of a hurdle to overcome, execs would most likely want some young hot thing (not that i'd complain) to parade around in the bikini chainmail *drools* that looks absolutely ridiculous swinging around a sword.

                    But then the whole premise of a super hot chick cutting people up is ridiculous so why not just go ahead and do it..... pretty plz Hollywood
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                      Actually, someone around 34 would probably be a good choice. If one has read the Marvel work carefully (including the various stories in 'Savage Sword'), there is a distinct impression that the 'classic Red' is somewhere in her 30s. Young enough to still be 'hot', but old and mature enough to be expert in her craft and the other skills that go with it. She is a seasoned master, a savvy professional, and becoming one takes time.

                      First consideration should be acting ability, second her resemblance to Red. Since there have been many artists illustrating her, there is no definitive look; so the requirement there is simply an attractive (and I dont mean breast size - we are talking professional warrior here, not a slutty bar-room hooker, which Red most definitely is not), very fit, woman able to play the part.


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                        I've been watching the last few episodes of Nip/Tuck , well the wife watches it really ,and I must say I really can't see Rose as Sonja.