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2-part mystery mini-series, Marvel run

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  • 2-part mystery mini-series, Marvel run

    So I bought this mysterious Red Sonja 2-issue mini-series on ebay a while ago. I had never seen it before; didn't even know it existed. It contains the tale of Sonja's travels with a red headed woman named Zora from a tribe called the Favored. From page one I could tell there was a lot of backstory involved here. It was like walking into a movie halfway through. All throughout both issues there are several references to previous events involving the Favored, a red god/goddess statue, and Sonja's traveling to the wreckage of her parents' home.

    Has anyone else ever heard of this mini-series, or rather, does anyone else know which comics I have to buy to get the backstory here? What these two issues ultimately end up giving us is a Valeria of the Red Brotherhood origin story. We get to see how Valeria started her life as a pirate. Also of note is that the cover for issue #1 has nothing to do with the story: Sonja is kneeling down over a pile of gold treasure while a reanimated corpse sneaks up behind her to stab her. These issues have me completely mystified. Oh, and also, Sonja is her blue animal skin garb, not her chainmail bikini.

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    These two issues got their story from the "Marvel Super Special 9: Day of red judgement".


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      Thanks a bunch. I'll see what I can find on that.


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        Besides: the chain mail bikini was kind of "not en vogue" throughout Vol. 2 and 3 of her series.


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          The chronology at the back of annual 1 has some more information on both the 2 issue mini series and the Marvel Special leading into it which might help.


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            I liked Zora i was sorry to see her go. I am not a huge fan of the comics created during her blue costume phase, but i liked those couple of issues.