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Herogasm #4: Thoughts and comments

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  • Herogasm #4: Thoughts and comments

    Well, it's been almost a week since Herogasm #4 came out. A complete 180 in the story, going from fan service and sight gags to conspiracies brought to light. The secret behind VA's involvment on 9/11 is finally revealed, as well as an apparent assassination plot on Dakota Bob. What are everyone's thoughts on the story?

    I figured something like this would come in this series. What do you see happening from this point on?

    If anyone cares, I think at some point the Boys will discover the assassination plot, and kill Vic the Veep, if for no other reason that to delay them and piss them off.

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    Well, I do believe there'd be too much of a shitstorm possibly leading to the group being disbanded, if they pulled something like a VP assassination, being dependant on the CIA and all, but we shall see.

    Great issue. Someone said once that Herogasm is The Boys in a nutshell, seems silly at first, but gradually darker and more obviously clever, I can agree with that.


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      I'd completely forgotten that I'd canceled my Herogasm pull, and had only ended up with issue #3 because of Comic Con. That means one of you guys has to step up to the plate with a Recap.


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        Kamakazi, here's your recap. Anyone who doesn't want to see spoilers, leave.

        The story picks up with the Boys' interrogation of the Secret Service agent they kidnapped at the ed of issue 3. It's revealed the agent contacted the CIA because he'd heard rumors they were interested in VA, and the agent had seen some dirty things.

        Cut to poolside. A very hungover A-Train and Jack are hanging out and talking about going to the "Supies" award show. Jack reveals they're boring as hell, and asks A-Train to let him know who wins Hero of the Year, because he forgot if it's Homelander or Soldier Boy this time. Homelander shows up, informs them both he expects them there, and that he has something important to announce in his acceptance speech.

        Agent Lucero reveals he's been on the VP's security detail since 2000. After some embarrassing incidents, including having to put a condom on Vic in a brothel, Lucero almost quits, but stays on task. He was in the War Room on 9/11. He praised Dakota Bob's poise that day. He was supposed to be in Florida that morning, but canceled the trip when the attack started. Vic and the VA people got there soon, but seemed surprised and disappointed that the President was there. A hushed conversation between two of the VP's people revealed they had knowledge of one flight that hadn't gotten off the ground, and fear of that. Next panel, someone's hit Bob in the head with a fire extinguisher, and he's out cold. Vic starts telling them to back off the plane over NYC. They reluctantly agree because no one actually saw him hit Bob, he is the second-in-command and the terror attack needed stopping.

        Since the incident, there's been a power struggle between Bob and Vic. Lucero's been keeping his eyes and ears open to help anyone who can make things right. (sounds like The Legend, huh?)

        Last page shows the VA guy meeting with Vic on a balcony at sundown. He informs Vic that Dakota Bob will be dead within the year, Vic will finish out his term, and then win the 2008 election. He will then get the Pentagon to adopt superhuman power by 2010. Vic acknowledges that he understands.


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          Thanks BP! Sounds like I missed the best issue so far. Typical of my luck. I may have to go buy it.