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Creating team appearances on the forum?

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  • Creating team appearances on the forum?

    Hi there!

    Am simply wondering if there's any chances than any one from the creating teams of the Dynamite Entertainment's title ever gonna drop by and say Hi or give us some scoops or just chat here in the forum? I mean I know lotsa them ppl are busy and really dont want to be asked the same geeky questions over and over... but I mean... we're what... 5 active ppl on the forum here? lol Its when there's not alot of ppl that you can make a small appearance, talk back with few fans, then the words spreads out that *** team from *** comic is actually talking with fans... and then then crowds are drawn in and the family grows No?

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    OEMING posts pretty regularly, he just posted some sketches for Highlander which are awesome. I am sure we are one of the first to see them so I feel privileged.

    But your right, chatting with a few others would be great too

    My guess is they don't have the time which is ok.