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In-jokes, quotes and homages in The Boys

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    I got it! I GOT IT!

    Here's a pic of Maj. Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, U.S. Army hero and founder of National Allied Publications, later known to the world as DC Comics.

    Compare him to young Greg Mallory in the flashback on The Boys #52, and then try to deny you're in love with Garth Ennis.


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      Man, what a month to not get on internet forums...

      The Man With No Name, I kept thinking he could end up being some undercover guy from VAC who finds out who Hughie is, or attacks G-Wiz, etc. Not that Ennis would resort to some kind of "Xorn" homage, but as the book lampoons comic tendencies, I kept thinking that would be an issue. On that note I seriously hope someone finds the Pre-Wiz bodies and puts that shit on YouTube.

      Neat thing about Proinsias in the Grassy Knoll? Steve Dillon did the alternate cover for that issue. Of all the issues for a guest cover, that was perfect.

      I've caught allusions to origin stories for Wolverine, Green Lantern, and I think Silver Surfer with Galactus in passing conversations between the Boys. I want more back story on Radar Raider--that name alone is goddamn hysterical.

      We've seen the Thor looking dude in Herogasm and Soldier Boy's funeral. Members of Fantastico returned right at the end of "Believe." We still haven't seen a spoof of the Wall-Crawler, and I wonder if Ennis is going to pull that punch, or if that story's just waiting to be told.