I am more than disappointed

Up until now I was willing to overlook all of the Boys' (considerable) shortcomings. But I just don't know what to do with this issue.

Is it supposed to be satire? Slapstick? Does Mr. Ennis really intend this to be an origin story and wants to leave it at that?

A Frenchman that doesn't speak French - hell, an entire village of them. (Is that bad editing, like the toenail-curling French and German dialogues in "Lucifer" or is there a point to it? Why is the village called Franglais - a mixture of the words for "french" an "english".) A Frenchman that is called Frenchie, even at home. I will overlook the Baguette-duels, as they are obviously meant to be funny - but what is really happening here?

Did any of you find a grain of motivation for him to want to beat up Superhumans for the rest of his life?

I get the feeling that the whole series consists of 10 % brilliance, 10 % ridiculousness and 80 % treading water. This is a mixture between the last two.

Sorry Hot_Ch0c0, didn't want to hijack your thread, so I'd like to add a point or two.

Superpowers: He doesn't necessarily need to have the same powers as the others. We learned in the G-men story-arch that different people react differently to Compound V. You just don't know until the superpowers manifest.
I always wondered why no-one of the boys could fly.This seems to be rather common among the other super-guys. Frenchie at least seems to have the ability to jump quite far and still live as we see in this issue. Or can he fly?

Experience: Was he supposed to be part of the "Légion Étrangère"? As far as I am aware of there are NO native french people in there. One of the benefits of joining the Legion is that you get a new identity and (eventually) a french passport. But yes, his military training would have been first class that way.

Still no explanation for the stupid goggles.

Did you notice how he speaks excellent English in the Bar scene?