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DE buys Dabel Bros.

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    I hear ya, Darth Andrea. I don't read The Wheel of Time books/comics, but I'm just glad that the Wild Cards comic series will be completed.


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      I received a "subscription" to the Wheel of Time series as a Birthday present from my wife through the Dabel Brothers.

      I received issues #00 and #01, then nothing.

      A few questions:
      1) Is Dynamite going to honor the Dabel Brothers subscriptions?
      2) Have anymore issues been released?
      3) Have issues #00 and #01 been reissued under Dynamite?
      4) If so, are they the same?
      5) I keep seeing other products being mentioned: Hardcover, Collections, Banners, Rings, etc. Are these for comic books stores only or can anyone purchase them.
      6) If I am out of luck with the Dabel Brothers subscription, does Dynamite offer the past issues?

      I have had no luck getting a response from Dabel Brothers and Dynamite. About 6 months ago my wife said she got an email saying the series would continue, then nothing.


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        Looks like it's still on the lists, at least for September. Look here;