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    Howdy guys!

    You will have noticed lately that we have had a 100% drop-off in terms of SPAM on the Dynamite forums (and it's been great!). This has not been due to fewer people trying to post it (in fact, the number of those continues to climb), but to changes which have been made to the way in which new forum members are registered.

    Unexpectedly, during the ongoing sweep, a slight glitch has meant that in fact nobody new has been able to join the forums to post! This has meant that a number of genuine new members have remained locked-out.

    This problem has now been identified and fixed.

    Unfortunately, as this is not an exact science, it may still be the case that the occasional person is banned who should not be, and that the occasional spammer is able to slip-through. I will aim via the best of my abilities to keep both these numbers to an absolute minimum.

    I heartily apologise to any and all new Dynamite forum members who may have been adversely affected by recent events, and also in advance to all our existing members for any spam-related inconvenience which may ensue from time-to-time. I'd like to thank our terrific Webmaster Brandon Primavera for all his much-needed and patient assistance and good-humour both up to this point and into the future.

    I look forward to our boards remaining the wonderful and friendly place they have become, to continuing to build on the solid foundations we are establishing with the help of all our existing members, and to warmly welcoming all our new members to the Dynamite Entertainment forums.


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    I had a similar problem at my office network.

    I locked down the spam pretty tight but some real emails were not getting through.

    Have to compromise somewhere in the middle.


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      If you give all the members ten dollars (US) I'm sure we'd forgive you.


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        Originally posted by estee
        If you give all the members ten dollars (US) I'm sure we'd forgive you.
        I would end up just buying another comic