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    Following an other discussion that ended like this
    And I would also suggest an other female character that would be interesting to see evolve in comic books, from its ancient origin, the name is Medusa. I am presently reading a french novel on the subject titled Monstres vol.1 Gorgone, it's about a teen transformed into a gorgone because of the jealousy of a goddess, and in the end, the gorgon gets her revenge of the goddess and turns her into stone.
    I would love to see Medusa or some other Gorgon character Dynamitized, sort of speak, with the story and origin of the original legend told in comic book form, possibly with a few covers by Alex Ross if possible; the story could start in old mythical days, to conclude it's first volume (Hardcover) possibly in the modern age, with some explanation covering up an apparent death at the blade of a brave, possibly replaced for a time by one of her sisters, or some regenerating power, and possibly put to sleep for centuries; a Medusa victim at first, frustrated at some point and more aggressive, and in the end being an heroine protecting innocents, turning to stone with her looks the true evil of the Earth, a Medusa able to concil her true identity with a veil on her head, and like this French novel I mention, possibly wearing dark glasses over her eyes to protect innocents from her deadly looks, and being able to mix with the general crowd.