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    issue 41 - first impressions

    I just returned last night from a 16-day trip to two separate comic book conventions, and waited until today to pick up issue 41. (Checking for it at Wonder Con never crossed my mind, since it easily could have gotten mangled during the trip home. I saved it as a reward for arriving alive, and finally getting a good night's sleep.)

    Some of the general confusion voiced on this board got addressed. Hughie explained how well he knows Ms January, and she hinted at asking him to move in with her. (She probably has to confess her superhero status to him first, which ought to make for some interesting conversations....)

    Auntie Sis explained the 'sheltered' status of Super Duper to Malchemical, which got me thinking of Tropic Thunder, where Rober Downey, Jr's character explains how Forrest Gump does not qualify as retarded. So, in my mind, Super Duper seems like the farm leagues compared to the major players. Their plan to rescue that cat from the tree might not have worked, but they did form a plan and work as a team.... They have more heart than brain.

    Butcher went along to spy on Hughie spying on Super Duper? 1. That sounds excessively/irrationally paranoid, although it does make sense in the context of recent issues. 2. How could Hughie not notice? His surveillance task does not seem ultra-stimulating, like an activity which requires constant and intense focus. Butcher does not appear to camouflage or conceal himself in any way, so what keeps Hughie from doing a half-turn while yawning and spotting the large Englishman who sent him on the absurd assignment? [note: I just noticed that he thought he saw someone he knew (possibly Butcher?) while talking to Starlight/Annie.]

    Hughie seems a little too imperceptive/absentminded. I doubt that he is some sort of sleeper agent, etc, but something seems off with him, mentally. I keep hoping that he suddenly busts out a bizarre level of Rain Man intelligence that makes up for the apparent mental cloud he lives in most of the time.

    Malchemical strangely sounds like a voice of reason, like the character in any anime movie who steps in to explain the plot. He seems to exemplify the, " a superhero, I can do whatever I want..." attitude, so I give him a life span of 3 more issues, tops.

    Now, I just hope I can schedule a break during C2E2 to stand in line and get something signed by Mr Ennis, or at least thank him personally for coming up with a name like Ladyfold. That still makes me laugh.