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Thoughts on Queen Sonja? *Spoilers*

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  • Thoughts on Queen Sonja? *Spoilers*

    Now that the first story arc is done, i guess we can talk about it more in depth on what we think.

    I havent visited this site lately, but damn we've had like zero talk about Queen Sonja here, unless its being discussed elsewhere its kinda sad.

    The thought of our favorite Red Headed Killing Machine becoming a queen is kinda... odd. TBH i never really saw her as a leader type, sure she's one supreme badass on the battlefield, but as a leader of men (or in this case woman) i never really found her quite convincing (and yes i'm trying my best to blot out the horrid memories of an army of ninja chicks). But hey, if Conan can become king, then by george so can Sonja

    Anyway, i found the first arc rather unspiring. Her randomly/suddenly raising a rebel army out of the blue was too rushed and thus not giving us any good glimpses/looks at what kind of leader she is. So she frees a slave camp (cuts down a few dozen mooks? okay sure i'll give that to her) then suddenly turns then into a fighting force able to take on organized forces.

    Fast forward some more, kill the residing evil governor, then BOOM new kingdom where she wears this cursed cuirasse that covers up her beautiful body (okay i admit i'm a damn pervert) then busts out some elite fully equipped army plus a silly custom war chariot.

    THEN we finally get some info on whats up with the evil wizard cabal who are raising undead cannon fodder (smart i'll give em that) for the evil emperor WHO happens to be a usurper who happens to be sloppy in not killing all the remaining heirs. Why the old wizard didnt do a better job protecting the old emperor who knows, but he does a bang up job in getting the current one killed with quick and easy coup/assasination. And WHERE was the true heir? He was out slumming it up with Red Sonja (not that i terribly blame him... she HAWT!) becomes a trusted lieutenant and waits for a secret signal to turn traitor... why, considering EVERYTHING was already setup for the usurper to fall AND he coulda let Sonja eat an bolt to the back that MIGHT kill her (yea we all know even if it hits it wouldnt kill her, she one tough mofo). The whole final speech and even the battle itself was quite weak, and i shake my head knowing that the creative team knwoing they were out in 5 issues just decided to mail it in and get this piece of *(#% out and move on. Hell even the last second Claw thing was... i mean when i saw the guy's arm get hacked off and Sonja not taking off his head in the next swing, i was like.... "oh no they better not do it..." and lo and behold here comes Claw arm. Poor Osin, i really feel for ya, but you're not good to even be killed on panel or anything anymore

    One could've spread this 5 issues into about 15, flesh things out better, EXPLAIN things, maintain the gorgeous art, and things woulda been cool. Instead we get this rushed mess that makes me annoyed i bought these as they came out out of a sense of misguided loyalty.

    Art was nice, except for the wardrobe change (Metal Bikini FTW!) and now Rubi's gone, so we gotta hope that the new team can get it together in one helluva hurry otherwise our favorite female badass might go to the chop.

    I've heard good things about Arvid Nelson, and he's worked in similar series before in Kull and Thulsa Doom. Art shouldnt be hard to screw up... but then we went through Homs where i was TERRIBLY disappointed in, so i hope the new artist appeals to me and ya'll so that Sonja can have herself a nice long run.

    Sorry for this long rant. At least i'm enjoying Wrath of the Gods, so at least old school Sonja is still around somewhere

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    To each their own...

    Originally posted by Warhammer3025 View Post
    Fast forward some more, kill the residing evil governor, then BOOM new kingdom where she wears this cursed cuirasse that covers up her beautiful body (okay i admit i'm a damn pervert) then busts out some elite fully equipped army plus a silly custom war chariot.
    I loved the armor. In fact, I was actually wincing at all of the other images of Queen Sonja, with the bottoms of her boobs falling out of the bikini; so the armor was my only reprieve. The Red Sonja Vol. 1 Omni was my first major introduction to the character, and I like the way she was drawn there. Sexy, but not overly so.

    I didn't care for Mel's drawing of the bikini in this arc, but that's me. I personally don't like cheesecake at all, as I find it distracting to the story...(you can tell I've never read Vampirella. You can sell me a lot of stuff Dynamite, but...).

    I will admit that I didn't enjoy the story, overall. I'm not gonna go so far as to say it was "phoned in", or rushed along, because I really don't know. But there were some things I didn't understand: like who the animal people were, where they came from, and where the demons on the opposing side came from. I also didn't get how Sonja became Queen so quickly. It just sorta seemed, given to her.

    Anyway, issue six is coming down the pike here, and with a new team onboard, I'm ready to look at the title with fresh eyes, and hopefully get excited about Sonja again. There's The Wrath of the Gods and the previous mini I'd also like to pick up in trade, at some point, as well. Looking forward to that too....



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      Queen Sonja #1 is my jumping on point so I don't really have a point of reference. I am reading Wrath of the Gods and enjoying it thoroughly as well. I am enjoying Queen Sonja and it is as fun to read as any of the other (many) Dynamite titles I am reading.

      Your complaints remind me of comments I have read about an early issue or two of Cerebus. I think it was Dave Sim that made these comments. In the story, Cerebus falls backwards into a kingship and leads his army on a conquest that ends quite poorly for his men and Cerebus loses his army and kingship. Dave Sim said he didn't like Cerebus in the role of a leader so that story did not last long. He said Cerebus was better suited to the role of fighter than king and at most he could be a general or an advisor to the king but not a king himself. I see a lot of similar observations in your post.


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        So far I am enjoying it. It is such an improvment over the mess that Brian Reed made of the regular Red Sonja series in my opinion.


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          Not having read the most recent issue as yet, I can say that I am enjoying the story thus far.

          However, I still liked all that has come before as well. I don't consider Brian Reed's work a "mess."


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            There are a lot of players in the opening story. Lots of motives and plans within plans.

            The main problem I had are trying to keep track of all the weird Hyperborean names and places.

            But I like Sonja being a monarch.


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              Not having problems with the names and places, but then am a veteran of the first runs of Red and Conan back in the old days.

              Outfit change is nice, the bikini bit can get boring quickly, and a real Red would tailor her clothes/armor to suit the situation and time of year.

              Am having similar problems with the story, too much happening too quickly, giving a rushed feeling. Estee is right, which means that more time should have been taken to flesh out the story and explain things. A complex story is not the place for quick leaps, but rather slow and methodical steps.

              It is also coming across to me as overly dark and brooding, something that a Sonja tale should not be. Moments, yes; the whole thing, no.


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                I think Sonja is beginning to realise that being Queen is not all that its cracked up to be.

                It's actually hard work. The people actually expect their Monarch to you know look out for their interests.

                This is a far cry from her days being a wandering barbarian.


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                  Queen Sonja HARDCOVER

                  Might have more to talk about Queen Sonja when or if a collected hardcover is release

                  but for now nothing to show for in the webpage

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                    There was an announcement for Queen 1 to 5 as HC Vol. 9 at amazon but I think this is a bad idea since the original series goes on with issue 50.


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                      Queen Sonja #1-5 was not bad in my opinion. It was more about setting up how she got on the throne than anything. This could be the reason why the first arc by Joshua Ortega was "uninspired." The writing was good but the art was just OK. I already let known on another post about my thoughts on Mel Rubi's art so I'm not going to spend any more time on it. I am enjoying Arvid Nelson's "Red Queen" storyline on his current Queen Sonja run. Sonja's reign as queen is starting to get interesting and the art by Jackson Herbert is a huge improvement (no offence, Mel).


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                        Originally posted by Red Bryan View Post
                        There was an announcement for Queen 1 to 5 as HC Vol. 9 at amazon but I think this is a bad idea since the original series goes on with issue 50.
                        Queen Sonja was a MaxiSeries I think, 1 to 12, if so, I would love a single hardcover book edition with all the bonuses