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  • DE Staffers, please confirm?

    Hi folks.

    This is a simple request, to any & all DE staffers who may knwo the answer to the following question.

    First, a little background, for those who came in late (for shame!);
    Back when Dabel Bros. was a functioning entity in the comics industry, they announced and produced a limited series called George RR Martin's Wild Cards: The Hard Call. Now, as a long-time Wild Cards reader (novels, the Epic comics & the RPGs), I was thrilled that fellow WC enthusiasts (I despise the word "fan") like myself were finally getting another comic series set in our favorite alternate timeline. I ordered the comics diligently, and awaited each issue with interest.
    Then issue #4 was late. Then issue #5 was really late. Then Dabel Bros. revealed troubles, and then collapsed.
    But hope was renewed when DE announced that they would be taking over the Dabel Bros. titles and get the remaining issues out. I monitored both Previews and Comixology intently, awaiting news of the final issue andf the advertised HC collection, which was to have a new original story included.

    With Wild Cards #6 to be on store shelves on May 26th, I am looking forward to the conclusion of this story.

    My question is this; Will DE follow-up, and produce the collection? If so, when will it be released? (I'm surmising it will be released somewhere between September and December 2010, since I haven't seen any notice in Previews up to August 2010).

    Thank you for you time.

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    Maybe Wild Cards is cursed. I've been following the RPG, and the next source book seems to be delayed as well....


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      I don't believe in curses. Delays with most RPG products are somewhat par for the course. Many a book I've ordered have rarely come in early or on-time, there's usually a factor of a few weeks from the initial release-date for any RPG product.
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        The Horn'd One,

        Good news! The graphic novel is on schedule for a september release.

        Dude At Dynamite


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          Thanks, DudeAtDynamite. I'll look for it in the next Previews & order it then.


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            OK, here's two more another questions; what happened to the Wild Cards #6 release? It was slated for May 26th 2010 for quite some time, then it didn't show. Now it's listed on Comixology as "June".

            Also, I've checked the Previews order form for Sept 2010, and the HC of Wild Cards is not listed (or it's somewhere I missed)?
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              Well, thanks to Newsarama, the HC of the series is confirmed for September 2010;

              Still waiting for any word on Wild Cards issue #6.


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                UPDATED: ok, I happened to re-check Comixology, and I found THIS;

                So, here's hoping.


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                  OK, moderators, this thread can be closed off & deleted.

                  I picked up Wild Cards #6 today & am very satisfied.
                  I have confirmation that the collection of the series will be out on Sept 29th, and I will make sure my FLCS has it.

                  Thank you again.


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                    Well, the Wild Cards HC is two weeks late. I'm not pointing any accusatory fingers in anyone's direction, but if anyone can let me know if the book is being delayed again, please post here.


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                      OK, it's now 3 weeks late. Is there anyone on staff who can provide any information?


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                        Well, I recently found out that the Wild Cards HC comic was pushed back to January 11, 2011. I guess I'll just have to wait & see if I can order it at my local Borders.