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Red Sonja novel adaptation?!?

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  • Red Sonja novel adaptation?!?

    Holy crap come June 16th we're gonna get both an annual and a comic with a novel adaptation!!! The previews for both were awesome, but i think its about time we got a novelized version of Red Sonja. I'm kinda sick of the whole "goddess of destruction" killing machine that dices men up who look at her funny. To see a toned down novel Red Sonja would be a breath of fresh air after seeing effortlessly her cleave her way through thousands of opponents (seeing how many lives she's filled the underworld is just ridiculous) got rather old.

    Hopefully now instead we'll get a more thoughtful intelligent Red Sonja who'll think first before quickly busting out the pain.

    After her legend being spread all over and COUNTLESS examples of her prowess its a damn wonder any men try to rape her. I know she just kicks most suitors asses (when try to smooze her) but its still a wonder at all that men still bother to try to take by force.

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    Hear, hear! Let's hope the novel does well, so perhaps it will send a message to the folks at DE. One of the nice things about the original Sonja is that she is more of a thinker and talker. In one story (Episode, I believe) she flatly says that she dislikes killing and does it only when necessary. As for those who wanted to get their paws on her, a verbal command backed by her reputation was usually sufficient; a well placed kick or punch usually settled things if it wasn't.