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Colin Wilson (Bullet to the Head) at San Diego Comic-Con!

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  • Colin Wilson (Bullet to the Head) at San Diego Comic-Con!

    Hi All,

    Just thought it was worthwhile posting to the boards to let people know that Colin Wilson, artist on Bullet to the Head (released this month from Dynamite), will be at San Diego Comic-Con in July.

    If interested in getting a copy of Bullet to the Head #1 signed and/or seeing if Colin has a spot on his con sketch list (Colin does excellent sketches), you'll be able to find him at Dave Dorman's booth where he'll be taking up space at Dave's booth.

    Having read Bullet to the Head (or Du Plomb dans la Tete), I'm looking forward to seeing how the English translation is received because I thought it's a brilliant story with Tarantino-ish style and lots of action! Obviously Warner Bros. also thought so as they've optioned it as a movie property (tentatively titled "Headshots") with Millar & Gough (Smallville producers) attached to the project.

    By the way, I'm Colin Wilson's original art dealer and you can view pages for sale (more coming soon) from the original series (Du Plomb dans la Tete) here -

    Hope to see some of you at SDCC! Warm regards,


    PS - There doesn't seem to be a section for Bullet to the Head discussion so I posted here instead