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    So what does every one think. I have mixed emotions about some of the updates. I like what the costume can do, but I wish they had kept the classic look, or at least a hint of it. It makes sense that he has a team. I also like that he's not fully trained and we can see him grow into the role of the Phantom. I also like that while Kit has a girl, guran is also a woman, adding the possibility of confict between the two. It's got possabilities.
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    I thought it was simply 'ok'
    I watched this back in December when it aired in Canada. I don't like some of the changes. The costume was fine, but the mask/helmet was ridiculous looking. I think the plot was kind of cheesy, but I like the setup at the end. I do like the love interest, and I'm a big fan of Sandrine Holt. Unfortunately I didn't think this was strong enough to base a TV series on. Oh, and the bad mouthing of the classic costume was annoying. I would have been fine if Chris/Kit said 'I'm not wearing that' and they left it at that, but to add the fact that his father loathed the costume as well was just overkill.