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A Moment for Malchemical

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  • A Moment for Malchemical

    I just wanted to dedicate a moment of silent reflection on the passing of one of the great heros of all time: Malchemical.

    He was a MAN's man, and I have a bad feeling that he won't get the recognition he deserves. A sap like the Blarney Cock got a star studded funeral, Silver Kincaid got a tribute AND a statue (and some sweet flowers)... What will they do for Malchemical?! Whatever it is, it won't be enough...

    So, I wrote this poem for Mal, so that all may be moved to remembrance, reverence and respect for all that he truly was...

    M for the Many shapes you change into
    A is for the @sshole some say you are (but the GOOD kind, if you know what I mean)
    L is for the LOVE you give the ladies
    C is for the Character you display
    H is for the Heroism you inspire
    E is for Everything you are
    M is for the Many shapes you- um… I mean your Magnificent physique
    I is for your Independent nature
    C is for the Chromatic Colors on your face
    A is for the pure Awesomeness you represent
    L is for the Leadership you gave SuperDuper

    Put them all together and you get MALCHEMICAL, a hero who’s like we will not soon see again! (unless he has a twin)!

    Rest in Peace, Buddy... I promised myself I wouldn't cry... So I'll end this now...

    ps. Coincidently, Malchemical's wish for dealing with his body after his death was always cremation. So, in one way, he kinda got what he wanted... *sniff*
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    "So this is where they send abortions that live".
    Classy, funny fucker. He'll be sorely missed.