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Bullet to the Head Issue 1!

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  • Bullet to the Head Issue 1!

    Just wanted to say that I picked up a copy of Bullet to the Head #1 and thoroughly enjoyed reading the English translation!

    I've read it before but kudos to Dynamite for allowing English-language readers to experience this intriguing Tarantino-ish story! The interplay and dialogue between the two sets of buddy assassins and buddy cops is fun to read and I loved the way the story plays out.

    Colin Wilson's artwork is gritty and realistic in its depiction of the assassins and the world around them. If anyone's interested, I have Colin's original pages from the book for sale here -

    I can be reached via if you have any queries regarding the art for sale (and, yes, the lettering is old school and in the original French language) Warm regards,

    Royd (Colin Wilson's original art dealer)