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    Will Gonzalo Mayo draw an issue?

    He drew a great Vampirella for Warren.

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    I would love 2 see some new Vampirella Art work from Mayo. Hes one of the few original Vampirella artist left. Back in the Warrens days he was my favorite. His Vampirella always seemed a lil more exotic, more sexy then Gonzales's. As an adult I favor Gonzales just for his pure genius as an artist. I wonder if Mayo current work is contemporary enough to be marketable 2 todays comic readers????


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      Mayo's style is definitely similar to Pepe's, with his delicate pencil lines. But you're right Mandy,his work is lush, voluptuous, but with an exotic quality that elevates his Vampirella above the ordinary. This commission is a good example. Look at the detail, the intricacy. Perhaps it's not "modern," but what person who appreciates beautiful art, and the history of comics, wouldn't love to see something like this published again?


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        OMG!!! Did u see his Vampirella#1 recreation on that website???? ITS AMAZING!!!


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          Yes! A beautiful tribute. I love the more ornate bracelets, the hair, and especially her face - the same heart-shape as Frazetta's original - but more mature. The face of a woman with shadows on her soul. To me, Frazetta's Vampi #1 had the face of a little girl. Is it sacreligious to criticize a classic? Ha ha! That face on that body always seemed a bit creepy!

          Eagerly awaiting Alex Ross's tribute - clever!
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