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  • vampirella # 3 spoilers

    having read this issue i simply have one word......


    i think i'm dropping this book after this issue. everything about it was boring,predictable and downright pathetic. the issue starts off with vampirella and the tentacled chick from last issue. shes holding some green haired freak hostage till vampi returns and item she took from her. vampi seems to out smart the tentacle chick some how by throwing the item she was after but its hard to telll from the art. Speaking of the art it was extremely hideous,inconsistent and dreadful. Anyway after vampi is finished playing hot potatoe with the tentacle creatures belongings, she drops part of a building on her and decides to take the green haired hostage home with her. vampi then has some perverted dream about dracula and how he wants her to be his queen of worms and wear a crown or something equally lame. she wakes up and the green haired lesbian tells her shes been asleep for two days. vampi notices the green haired chick isnt afraid of her but who really cares? anyway,the green haired girl decides that not only is she going to be cool with vampi but shes going to help her...just because she wants to. vampi seemingly has no problem using an untrained human to help her in her battle against dracula so she gives her some guns and heads out for dracula, END

    total disappointment from last issue. which i REALLLY enjoyed. if this is the future for vampi i want no part in it.

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    I'm really sorry that you're unhappy with Vampirella #3. I know that Eric is treading new ground and working hard to make Vampirella viable for a long time to come. His story is really good, and I think that you'll see that Eric is adding some real depth to Vampi and issue #3 and #4 are the 2nd act and issues #5 and #6 will be a solid 3rd act. I'm not saying this to be saying "Give it one more chance", if you're not happy, of course we don't expect you to spend more money on the series, but if you have some faith, and I think you do since you complimented issue #2, I think you're faith will be rewarded. In regards to the art, there were terrible floods where Wagner lived in South America, and maybe he rushed a bit with everything going on (power on and off, mud slides), but by no means is he not trying to do his best. I think you might find issue #4 to be a little like #3, but #5 picks up the pace with the art as well.

    And I appreciate your being a supporter. You wouldn't be on the boards corresponding with fans if you weren't, and for that, I thank you.




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      i really appreciate you taking out your time to reply. i think i just might skim through the next issue of vampirella at the comic shop.


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        Thank you for giving it a shot.

        I'm hoping you feel I'm right.




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          I agree with Shadowkat, this new story arch has added nothing new 2 the legacy of Vampirella. If anything this story could be read as any generic female character, Anita Blake Vampire Hunter main concern is the artwork change. I notice Walter Geovani is drawing an issue. While hes a great artist, I beleieve that when drawing a female heroine the heroine should b drawn as beautiful as possible, wasnt a fan of his Red Sonja interpritation,,,,,


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            I am also having a hard time figuring out where this is headed.
            But i actually like our green haired gothic sidekick. I hope she makes it through. I was fully aware that good old Pendragon as he was would not be introduced today.

            although I found it a little weak how she handles the fact that Vampi is a Vampire. A little too..."okay, so what else?" There could have been a little more surprise and a more old-school Vampi like exchange of words.
            I also picked up my collection HC of the the old magazines and I had a laugh quite often on the specific vampirella tone - a funny play with words (but not stupid!), whitty remarks - I actually miss this light undertone.

            Most new comics, and Vampirella is no exception here unfortunately are so tight and so serious in their tone.... almost like in military, everything is life and death. I would rather see Vampirella being a little more relaxed and looking at things with that lightfooted and funny view she had of the world back then. Such a form of naivity even enhances the horror.
            Tody she acts like your average superhero. Maybe she has seen too man Schwarzenegger or Stallone movies in between. Is she going to the movies even? I would like to know that actually.

            call me old school (well, i am actually old enough for that maybe) but such a twist would make here far more enjoyable.


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              oh god no. as bad as this comic is i don't want a comedy vampirella book.


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                After three issues I too find myself feeling much the same. It's not that I thought the stories so far were bad, more like mundane and mediocre, I guess. In part this is a matter of personal taste, I've always much preferred the Warren version of the character than the nineties bad-girl version from Harris, and this falls into the latter camp. It probably didn't help that I've been reading the Vampirella Archives and those stories just hit all the right buttons for me.
                Personal preferences aside however, the story just sort of fell flat for me. For one it was too decompressed, and yes decompression seems the way things these days, but even taking this into account this felt very padded out, and it wasn't compelling padding. The characterizations seemed shallow, in a single fifteen page story Mr. Goodwin would pack far more character, story, drama and strait out entertainment that the whole of the three issues we've seen so far. There also seemed to be nothing unique about the story, I don't mean that there has to be some great character changing revelation every time we start a series, that tact seldom works well and in any case has been far to overdone with the character. But rather I mean the story just felt generic, by the numbers even.
                Also in regards to the costume change, while I much prefer the iconic costume, I'm not bent out of shape about the change, though the Flavor Flav-like medallion is a rather eye-rolling choice in my opinion. That said having the classic costume on the covers but not inside comes off as disingenuous. One way or the other guys if you think the iconic costume is out of step with the times then fine go with the change, but at least embrace the change. Putting the classic costume on multiple covers every month for the recognition factor but then not putting Vampi in that costume in the story just muddles your message, and well, seems far more silly to me that having her run around in the classic costume.
                Despite my disappointment I'm not dropping out just yet, I'll give it another arc or two to see if the series finds its legs before calling it quits.
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                  Originally posted by shadowkat View Post
                  oh god no. as bad as this comic is i don't want a comedy vampirella book.
                  To me, there is a big difference between having a lighter tone in a story and a comedy. Lighter moments are a tried and true way breaking up tension and giving a story rhythm, as well as giving the characters a chance to talk about themselves and their situation.
                  When everything is non-stop dead serious life and death situation with no breaks for character developing lighter moments, then it becomes comedic, only not in a good way. At least INMHO.
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                    I'm looking forward to issue #4 tomorrow. As a comic reader for 20+ years I only ever skimmed Vampirella in the past. So I don't have years of Vampy info to go off of for this relaunch at DE.

                    I got a Project SuperPowers trade last year and really enjoyed that so I started trying other DE books. I got on board The Green Hornet and love what is going on there.

                    I may not know where Vampirella is heading but DE is allowing someone like me whose read comics for 20yrs to try some "old" characters in a new manner. Phantom and Warlord of Mars are also great but where is Robocop #7??? I'm thinking of getting the Zorro trades some guys on other sites rave on that.


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                      And here are the results of the German jury:
                      Still lame-o. I will have forgotten this issue in no time.
                      Nothing against building up an arc, but if you build
                      in this tempo, Armageddon will come first before
                      anything relevant happens.