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    I think it might be helpful to tell DE who are our favorite cover artists. In my case the following are my favorites for the primary titles I purchase monthly. I believe all covers from DE are quite good and creative. 15 of 19 comic titles I purchase monthly, are DE titles. The last three I purchase all covers. The following lists only 6 of the DE titles I purchase. Who are your favorites?

    Green Hornet: Ross, Lau, Horn.

    Kato: Rafael, Garza, Benitz.

    Red Sonja – (Most favorite): Batista, Parillo, Horn, Fabiano.

    Vampirella: Jusko, Parillo, Campbell, Ross, Djurdjevic*, Renaud, Garza.
    Issue #7 Djurdjevic is my favorite cover.

    Warlord of Mars: Jusko, Parillo, Campbell.

    Warlord of Mars – Dejah Thoris: Jusko, Renaud, Garza.
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    I would have to say Jusko, Ross, and Renaud are my favorite Dyamite cover artists.


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      Joe Jusko, Patrick Berkenkotter, Ross, Lucio Parrillo. Really like the latest Berkenkotter cover.


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        Berkenkotter Cover

        Absolutely! His art continues to improve! I am not to keen on the Sadowski covers.. They don't have the artistic quality and detail I admire in others like Jusko, Parillo & Berkenkotter.