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Vampirella Origin w Tristan

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  • Vampirella Origin w Tristan

    In the original Vampirella series, her origin is told almost comically in the pages of the Warren Mag.

    However, once the character was v=being portrayed \more seriously, an Annual was released that reprinted several stories...but had an original story re-telling her origin. It included her lover, Tristan, her dying family, and her almost last minute decision to take the Earth men's ship and come here. Only to be stunned that she had to kill to survive here.

    With the Archives having reached Gonzalez art (he drew this story), will the Annual be included in the Archives at any point? If not, an important bit of history will be missing. Especially when Vampirella returns to Draculan, after getting her new eyes from Starpatch. She finds Tristan's corpse and a vial of his DNA, which is later used to clone him.

    I have all the original Warren releases, but would love to see the Annual reprinted, so I can leave the old book in it's sealed bag!