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Queen Sonja # 20

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  • Queen Sonja # 20

    I have been an avid follower of all things Red Sonja since the first book from Dynamite.

    I am finding 2 regular books and one-shots a bit hard to afford. Does anybody know if Queen Sonja is wrapping up with issue 20 (as June has no solicitation)? The concept probably won't carry on indefinitely due to the very nature of Red herself, and although I have enjoyed it enormously - the end of series would be a welcome point.

    A shame we never get to see Fabiano Neves draw the inside art. I always make a point of getting his covers on all the books I get, because his Sonja is the best there is out of all the current artists.

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    Now this really should have been a cover...
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      I am not sure if the series will end at 20 or not. I do agree that is should not go on forever. Sonja was never written to become a queen and rule into her old age. I do feel like the story has got a little weak as it rolls on. I too would love to see Fabiano Neves art or Frank Cho, but I think it will just finish out with who it has. I love this character and have follwed it as you have since it came to DE. I just hope one day to see my art work on its cover!;-)


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        Queen Sonja #21

        Queen Sonja does not end at 20! Issue #21 starts with a new story arc. Check page 285 in the May Previews guide just released this week. Covers will be by Parillo & Igor Vitorino.

        Looks like we will have Queen Sonja for a bit longer.. At least a few more issues!