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  • Wrong time to start...?

    So I've been reading my old issues of Project Superpowers and I'm getting distracted by all the reviews and feature ads for the Boys. You know, 'New York Times Bestseller' and all that; So I think 'Hey, maybe I should try reading The Boys. I like ultraviolence and satire and superhero related comics, let's see how it goes' and I go out to my local comic chop (which disappointingly is a Forbidden Planet) and get issue 53.
    Now issue 53 is part 2 of a storyline, which is annoying, but I figure I'll be able to get into it anyhow. But as I read I notice it's quite obviously set in the past and isn't immediately showing me any of the characters mentioned in the little intro on the inside cover. And it also isn't very interesting. Since finishing the issue I've read a review of it on this forum and I have to say that despite knowing little to nothing about the series I pretty much agree with it. So what I'm wondering is - did I pick the wrong time to start reading The Boys? I mean maybe I just have to get over the fact it's a best seller and one of Dynamite's big titles and just accept that it's not for me, but before I do I wanted to ask some fans of the series whether this issue is indicative of the series or whether I should just wait for the Barbary Coast Arc to end and then start getting it.
    Any and all opinions or thoughts on this are appreciated. Thanks!

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    I would suggest to pick up the first trade, "THE NAME OF THE GAME". If you don't like that one, then maybe this series won't be your cup o' tea.

    If you like it, here's the trade reading order. Be advised, there are a few 6-issue miniseries (Herogasm, Highland Laddie and Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker)that should be read between volumes:

    vol.1 - THE NAME OF THE GAME [#1-6]
    vol.2 - GET SOME [#7-14]
    vol.3 - GOOD FOR THE SOUL [#15-22]
    vol.4 - WE GOTTA GO NOW [#23-30]
    vol.5 - HEROGASM [#1-6]
    vol.7 - THE INNOCENTS [#39-47]
    vol.8 - HIGHLAND LADDIE [#1-6]

    The last two haven't been announced yet (as the series still doesn't reach #55, and the Butcher miniseries hasn't been published either), but that's how I think it will go down. Don't worry yourself about it too much


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      could be.

      I agree with saidestroyer, start with Name of the Game. The Boys got me off of the "wait for the trade" mindset, which my wallet doesn't appreciate but oh well. The current storyline is going to be flashback, which is a good time to get caught up with reading monthlies without major spoilers to the long-term story (I started monthly with #21, which was also a background issue, albeit a damned important one).

      i.e.: "The hell is Jesse doing with an eyepatch and where did Tulip g---OOOOH"

      Volumes 1, 2, 4 and 7--IMHO--carry the most bang for buck not only with the protagonists versus capes (I didn't like the Self Preservation Society too much, really didn't feel like the Boys were in serious danger) but with Hughie being the main focus for the story, and learning how to be a real hero. Vol 3 was thoughtful background, and Ennis is putting a lot of effort into making this world of his worth a damn. Vol 5's first issue was shock value, but the plot does a complete 180 by the time you finish. Vol 6 was okay. Vol 8, Highland Laddie, I think once I read it all in one sitting it will be stronger than having to wait on it over a monthly basis. It was decent character building, but still kind of slow at times.

      Nice thing about volumes 1, 2, 4, and 7 was that most of the art was done by Darick Robertson. Nothing against the others who have contributed--they do a far superior job than anything I could do if my mother's life was on the line--but I personally just enjoy Darick more.

      Hope this helps.


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        Thanks for the tips - I think I'll just try and get hold of the trade collections then and leave off collecting for the moment. I can only afford so many monthly comics and with Kirby: Genesis starting in may and the likelihood of more Project Superpowers soon I think I'm pretty set for the immediate future. To the graphic novel section of the Library!


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          Enjoy yourself!