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An question about omnibus editions

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  • An question about omnibus editions

    Howdy y'all!

    I'm a newbie here, so first up, let me say I'm pleased to meet you all. Oh, and please forgive the grammatically incorrect thread title - I can't work out how to edit the thing!

    And now, to business:

    I recently invested in the first Red Sonja omnibus, which is a thing of great beauty. Having read up on things a little (because I'm completely new to this series) I see there's a second omnibus due ths year.

    I'm just wondering - exactly what is likely to be collected in this format? Are there any stories like the one-shots and Thulsa Doom arc that might not appear in these collections? Is the format reserved for the ongoing material?

    Forgive my general ignorance - like I say, I'm new to this stuff, and I don't read swords 'n' sorcery in general. Any assistance is gratefully received!
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    Is this the one you're asking about ?



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      Hi Terry, and thanks!

      Yes, that is indeed the 2nd volume I was curious about.

      I'm a little surprised to see that the listing suggests it's already available to buy. Online listings I've spotted for it indicate an August release for the UK.

      I take it the omnibus format only collects the 'She Devil With A Sword' material then, and I'll have to track down one shots and othe rseries in their own respective collections?


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        Hi HDE,

        We will be rolling out more Omnibus', but they are a little at a time. I would definitely check out the Savage Tales of Red Sonja if you are interested to read some of the one shots available.




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          There is a thread called "Have I got everything" or someway similar. There is a complete listing of the stuff published yet. I would not count on the omnibusses because they are very slow in publishing them and they will not reach a state of having-published-the-complete-ongoings-and-go-on-with-the-other-stuff for quite a while.


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            Thanks guys - that's very much appreciated.

            Thanks for the info. To be honest, I'm happy to wait for omnibus collections. I pick up quite a bit of stuff, so havinga long wait between things is sometimes a blessing in disguise for me.

            But I'll most assuredly check out other collected editions if it's a sure-fire way to get hold of one-shots. I'm pretty keen to get my hands on the story Liam Sharp worked on, so I'll try to do a bit more digging online.