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Vampirella and the Scarlett Legion Issue 1

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  • Vampirella and the Scarlett Legion Issue 1

    I got issue one of the Scarlett Legion in the mail today. I have to say that this is the first time since DC's Catwoman/Vampirella Crossover that I have read a comic that embraced what Vampi (her nickname, not that ab-oration of a Manga thing) has meant to readers who have been with her since the 1970's.

    Pendragon? Check.
    Cult of Chaos? Check.
    Vampirella's costume, drawn in a reasonable fashion, and not just some strings cover art that was clearly drawn while staring at porn? Check.

    I have read, and re-read this comic three times since the mail came. Someone at Dynamite knows the character, loves the character, and wants to write stories not only for the character but FOR the fans. It's about time, as Dave Bogus Bogart destroyed all faith that Vampirella would ever be great again during his tenure at Harris.

    I have a FEW concerns;
    Chelsea...didn't she get destroyed already, during Dark Horse's b & w run? I was certain she had met her final death already, and her 'spirit' appeared in a story.

    Pen and Vampi on opposing sides. I understand the plot device, and the story tension it builds, but it needs to be resolved by the end of the series and he needs to be KEPT AROUND!! (Stop giving her ignorant girl sidekicks, like "Dixie" for the love of god.)

    The coming attractions say that Vampi will turn to the arms of Ethan Shroud. Now, if Morning in America had never happened, this would make more sense. Everyone, even Wikipedia, always screws up and says that Tyler Westron amputated her wings, came up with the serum, etc. WRONG. Ethan did, while disguised as Westron. The real Westron saved her life when Ethan realized she would not join forces with him, and tried to kill her. Westron had been turned into a hideous beast man. Only after Ethan died again in the fires, did Westron regain his human form.
    All of her dealings were actually with the disguised Ethan, and I could see her turning to him when everyone turns against her, the same way she has been lovers with Dracula in the past because she believed they were the only survivors of their planet.
    But Morning in America establishes that Shroud was responsible for the death of Conrad, who might as well have been her father in law. Shroud was responsible for what happened to Chelsea, trying to recreate a worthy foe in Vampi's absence. And he ultimately was responsible for the country becoming so ruled by the night and filled with evil.
    All in all, this makes it seem odd that she would turn to him, unless it was to beat some explanations out of him that would clear up constant continuity problems. After all, he was the first one to infer that her origin as she believed it was false.

    I meant my earlier compliments, this is a 100 times better than the current ongoing title, but I had to list my concerns.

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    I only saw the preview pages but that convinced me to a great degree!

    this is to be the way in my opinion.


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      Vampirella and The Scarlet Legion was exactly what I wanted to read.

      I agree with Mandrake. The writer did extremely well, handling Cult of Chaos as the best Vampi villains. I like how "And Be a Bride of Chaos" was still a goal of theirs.

      I hope you get Gonzalo Mayo to draw an issue!