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Armie Hammer to wear the mask

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  • Armie Hammer to wear the mask

    Word has it that Armie Hammer has been cast as the Lone Ranger opposite Johnny Depp. Any thoughts about that?

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    I'm not impressed

    The actor is too young and not proven enough. . . so he will only further highlight the fact that this whole movie is a "Johnny Depp" venture. . . and not a "Lone Ranger" film. It seems more and more the Lone Ranger could be a supporting character.

    But my real fear is this will wind up another awful movie like The Green Hornet (how quick that mess faded into the sunset). And it would be a shame to see the direction of the LR movie turning out to be something along the lines of the Lone Ranger being a bumbling white guy who needs the stylish, mystic, Native American to help save the day (you know, reverse racism - 21st century style).

    It seems that Hollywood is intent on making big budget cardboard characters for vapid, frenetic, $$$ movies. . . and in the process it demeans old cherished icons and destroys legendary franchises.

    It's the modern way! ::dripping with sarcasm::


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      Follow up. . .

      There have already been signs of the direction things are going to take. For example. . .

      Here. . .
      "Depp will be seen is as Tonto, who is actually the Lone Ranger's sidekick in the TV show, but in the movie, the roles will be altered and Lone Ranger will be Tonto's sidekick". . .

      And here. . .
      "The Lone Ranger should be a fool, a lovable one, but a fool nonetheless"
      . . .
      . . .
      . . .

      So has there been anything new to contradict this?


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        All you need to do is look at the tone and scope of Buckheimer's last few films -- The 4 POTC movies, Prince of Persia, Sorcerer's Apprentice -- and the play Depp got in Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to see exactly where this is going.


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          It's depressing, really. First Seth Rogen ruins the Green Hornet, now Johnny Depp is going to ruin the Lone Ranger, and most people will never know what those characters were supposed to be like. At least my kids already know the Lone Ranger as he was meant to be. Hopefully by the time they actually get around to working on this thing someone comes to their senses.


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            If Johnny Depp, who seems kind of sleazy, thinks the Lone Ranger should be a fool, then what does he think that makes Tonto?


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              Originally posted by Comic2read View Post
              If Johnny Depp, who seems kind of sleazy, thinks the Lone Ranger should be a fool, then what does he think that makes Tonto?
              I have no problem with Armie Hammer being cast as the Lone Ranger. He was supposed to play Batman in the Justice League movie before it was scrapped. I think he is a fine actor who will do a good job.

              HOWEVER, I am worried about the comments that Johnny Depp has made. We already saw what happens when the Green Hornet is made to be a bumbling idiot with the latest movie, so I hope they change their mind and do the Lone Ranger justice. I personally would love it if we saw Lone Ranger and Tonto as equals like in the comic from Dynamite. Make them partners and not a hero/side kick dynamic.