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Meet the Creative Team Behind Red Sonja Today!

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  • Meet the Creative Team Behind Red Sonja Today!

    Based on the Heroine created by Robert E. Howard all those years ago. Red Sonja
    continues to be one of the most influential she-devil's in all of comics
    history. Helping to pave the way in digital distribution with over 40 issues of
    her exciting adventures from Dynamite comics available for download today!

    Her adventures are legendary and her fashion sense…timeless. In honor of the
    fierce fiery red head's exploits we wanted to let you know about a fun Q&A on with the creators of Red Sonja. Luke Lieberman, Arvid Nelson, and
    Eric Trautmann will be answering questions about anything and everything in a
    reddit AMA post on Today from 1-6pm EST.

    To give them extra support, we at Comixology are showcasing Red Sonja to our
    readers and having a special $.99 sale on all their issues this Thursday and
    Friday. Click or go to at 1pm today to be apart
    of it!

    Get caught up on all the sword and sorcery action with half-prices issues for
    the next two days.

    For half-priced issues of the stellar Red Sonja series click this!\