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  • Comics vs Collections

    Just to get a debate going (for no other reason): I have a question (or several) which I'd be interested to see what people think.

    Where do you think trade collections stand against comics?
    Do they put people off from buying the individual comics?
    Are they a nice addition to the regualr issues?
    Are they too pricey - especially the hard backs?
    Are they helpful in helping poor readers catch up with what they have missed if they are late arrivals?

    Air your views.

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    I enjoy both but I prefer singe issues versus TPB's. Back in the 80s when I was first buying comics I was all about single issues and I coninued buying comis until 2003, in late 2003 I began collecting strictly TPB's and basically gave up on single issues up until 2008 when I got into Dynamite Entertainment's Project Superpowers series and Marvel's Marvel Adventures books. Now I'm back with single issues 100% and have gone back and basically purchased everything I've missed over the past several years, its been a whirlwind but its been worth it and my comic book collection is probably up at about 20,000 comics with the 400 or so TPB's I've purchased between 2003-2008.

    I just prefer the feel of single issues and I feel like I don't have to wait as long to get the story since issues are usually every month and TPB's take half a year to come out, if not longer. I used to hate the wait for certain collections to come out, it was painful at times ,but the wait isn't so bad if every month you have a piece of the pie, but I do like some of the slipcover and hard cover TPB's that see the light of day every once in a while.
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      That's pretty much how I feel. Certain mini's I can wait for, but on-goings have to be single issues everytime.


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        I can't wait to read new issues, so I buy them. But I like TPBs in my shelf so I buy them, too. Since the Dynamite TPBs have all the covers inside I prefer them as the perfect version for collectors.


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          I've to say that here in italy single issues ain't very popular. We almost don't have TPBs, because all the distribution is similar to TPBs.

          An example: the italian translation of red sonja adventures is a collection of volumes from 100 pages to 200 pages.

          Maybe the reason is the popularity of Bonelli comics in our country (Dylan Dog, Tex, Nathan Never, etc.) that every month deliver a 100 pages comic on the shelf for every title.

          Matter of fact, i'm TBPs oriented when i buy original language comics on internet.


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            It's trades for me all the way.

            I've been known to buy single issues on rare occasions, but that's usually if I want to support a particular artist or writer.

            Comics are things of beauty to me, and being a clumsy oaf, I kinda dislike the single issues. They get damaged real easy and tend to live short glorious lives in my flat. Having things in nice sturdy trade collections is a real boon for me.

            Incidentally, I prefer to read stories in graphic novel format, witha broad, over-arcing story. Sometimes when I pick up a trade and it's clear the story was intended to be read in smaller monthly chunks... I'm just not a fan of that.
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              I buy single issues, but in the case of fillng gaps, Im finding Im having to buy the "Adventures of Red Sonja" TPB's as tracking down the missing issues in my collection is getting harder (Marvel Volume 1 #15 for instance).


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                I can understand both sides of the arguement. Sadly - I think this divide will ultimaterly mean the death of the monthly comic book.


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                  I doubt the death of the monthly comic book will come from trades, we have had trades for the past 25 years. More likely the death will come fromt he digital media and the yearly price rises, them comics aint cheap no more.