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Voltron license now at DE?!?

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  • Voltron license now at DE?!?

    I've come across this during my travels about the 'net and am curious about what is going on with the property at Dynamite?

    As reported on ICv2, Dynamite has inked a deal with licensing powerhouse Classic Media to produce comics based on anime-turned-American cartoon "Voltron." Though not confirmed by the publisher, Classic Media has apparently put out a release noting the deal. ...
    The report also notes that Dynamite's acquisition of the comic rights come after a bidding battle that also included Moonstone, who will themselves publish a Voltron art book this year. The property last saw a comics iteration from 2005 to 2008 at Devil's Due.
    I love Voltron. My second favorite robot propert of the '80s.

    What about it DE, what's the plans for Voltron?
    Is this like the issue with The Phantom, you aren't releasing a press release till their(Moonstone) issue comes out and presumbably their lease on the character?

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    Yep, Dynamite announced that it had the lisence back in Janurary or February, I think it was a great pick up for them and I hope they do some cool stuff with it.
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      They did announce it? That article is dateline March and it indicated DE hadn't announced it. Regardless it's pushing June and I'm curious about what the plans are for Voltron. It's a property ripe for exploring.

      The Lion Force
      The Vehicle Force
      The Gladiator Force(unofficial Voltron aka Albegas)

      How the Galaxy Garrison works(like Trek's Federation?), along with the enemies of the Inner, Outer and Middle Universe. The 3 sections as outlined on the toy packages by Matchbox in the 80's. Would love to know if somethign is coming sooner rather than later.