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Green Hornet Year One #10

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  • Green Hornet Year One #10

    Why hasn't Diamond received and shipped this issue to local stores? Obviously, DE has it in stock or maybe, its on the way to your stock and to Diamond. However, if the latter is correct why does it not show up in Diamond shipments for 6/22/2011?
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    Green Hornet Year One #10 - Update

    Seems that Comicshop out of Texas has stock but I don't recall Diamond having this listed on there ship list in last two weeks??? Can anyone shed light on this? My local shops in Colorado Springs have not received it yet.


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      Don't know if it's any help, but I have that issue on hand. I bought it about two weekends ago. I think it hit stores on June 1st.


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        GH Year One #10

        Thanks for the info! I found out last night that my local store was shorted by Diamond thru an error. They will get this issue next Tuesday.