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Attack! Aim for the eyes and loins!

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  • Attack! Aim for the eyes and loins!

    Just finished reading Red Sonja: Revenge of the Gods #4. While most of the dialogue was ... well, hokey and formulaic, one line made it almost worth it.

    "Attack! Aim for the eyes and loins!"

    Now there's the Sonja I know and love.

    And that got me thinking ... what makes this character stand out for you? What quotes, one-liners or moments in Sonja's history (70s till now) did you find memorable, funny or just kinda awesome?

    Hoping to see some good responses on this board ...

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    Most recently Sonja dancing and singing on a table after drinking everyone under said table in Red Sonja Blue.

    Riding into battle at the head of an army in full battle armor and a broken arm in Red Sonja (Marvel) Vol.3. #3

    Tossing a dagger at a bound Conan for him insulting her while still locked in combat with Conan's kidnappers. Conan #23 (Which I got off ebay yesterday )


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      Conan (after getting punched in the jaw for making a pass): 'By Crom girl, I've killed men for less than that!'

      Sonja: 'For what? Not letting you kiss them?'

      Conan #24 :-)


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        Well, being a newbie, I'm still getting a feel for the character right now. However, I DID get a hearty belly-chuckle out of a sly gag in 'Animals' in the second Omnibus volume.

        When Sonja and her party are held captive by the Leijona (lion people) and demanded to explain the human practice of sacrificing animals, there's a great bit where the head Leijona say's 'You mean... the circle of life?'

        One of the party says (obviously thinking he's getting through to the old lion) 'Yes!'

        The old lion... does not react well!

        Loved that - not least because I have sour memories of taking an old girlfriend to see The Lion King... uh... several times. Oddly enough, she was a redhead. Go figure.

        And DAMN, I hate Elton John!


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          Yeah, I enjoyed 'Red Sonja meets the Lion King too' ... one of the great things about the book is that it doesn't always have to take itself so seriously.


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            Yeah, Zach - that's a big draw for me.

            I'm not generally a reader of swords 'n' sorcery stuff, because I've found so much of it to be overly serious and po-faced. But Red Sonja has quite a bit of wry humour in it.

            I was just thinking about the sparring between Sonja and Osin in the early issues- very dry stuff, nicely handled. Where he throws a punch at Sonja out of nowhere and she effortlessly disarms him and flings him to the ground below. That made me chuckle!