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Night Court (I know just follow me...)

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  • Night Court (I know just follow me...)

    Anybody remember the Night Court episode where an old actor holds up the court because some young director is gonna turn his Lone Ranger-esque character into a Dirty Harry type that swear and is a womanizing killer hero. Just asking because I wonder if the Ranger's creed will somehow get lost somewhere in all the reality of the new series. the Creed and white hatness of LR wasn't "cheesy" to me as akid in the 80's just meant he lived by his principles and if you didn't like it cool just don't cross the line or you're headed for a beat down but not the morgue. Loved issue #1 was dissappointed by a few things, but true to the creed I'll try to keep faith with my fellow man and give these guys a chance.

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    You don't tug on Superman's cape. You don't spit into the wind. And you don't pull the mask off the ol' Lone Ranger!
    Clayton Moore's daughter is working on a book about the creed. She's getting different celebrities to talk about how the creed impacted their lives. The project has kind of stalled right now, but I hope she finishes it up.


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      The creed is an important part of the Lone Ranger character. I don't think it will be lost in this new incarnation. I think they are looking to explore how the Ranger developed the strength of character he had to live by the creed. In the TV show it was automatic. I think the creative team here want to show that it developed over time. I could be wrong, but with all involved professing the love and respect they have for the Ranger, I can't see the creed falling by the wayside. (And I love that episode of Night Court, by the way.)


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        You guys give me hope, but I'm still a bit wary in this day and age of the "Ultimates". I was thinking about dropping comics altogether with afew exceptions until I heard of LR's return. Would have wished that I could have read #1 with my kid nephews since I have built up the character but for the you know what (sons of #%&&). Don't get me wrong I'm no Puritan the little guys hear worse than that playing in the neighborood. My thing is we already have Hex, Eastwood and Cassady has that Planetary ranger dude so isn't there room for a little balance with a brighter character and book . I hope John learns something about revenge and get his "Gandalf" moment about death and killing. But my man T on the other hand I'm excited to see how they both become "faithful companions".