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    As if to punctuate Thunder's praise for "Morning in America", today I received Master Series 5 in the mail. Reprinting Morning in America, plus The Dracula War, it seriously took me back to the exciting time that Morning was first released. Vampi fans outside of the industry really did not know all the intricacies of Warren's bankruptcy, or Vampi's cancellation. We just knew the heroine we grew up with was gone. (Ending with many storylines still up in the air, at that!!)
    So when I saw Vampirella listed in Previews (I owned my store by that time), I was over the moon. My business partner and I decorated our entire comic shop in Vampirella art, had contests for our customers to win free issues, had an artist friend paint incredible portraits for us to hang on the walls...whatever we could think of to celebrate Vampirella returning.
    I had lots of younger folks asking for details about the character's history. (My partner had told them I was an encyclopedia of her storylines.
    Writing wise-Morning in America did not let us down. I can't say that the art was fantastic, but it wasn't so bad it ruined the story. We converted a lot of fans, and helped a lot of people start building back issue collections.
    But Morning passed, and dawned a series of constant revamps, mini series, 'let's start over at number one' ploys...all to hide the fact that somewhere along the way, Vampirella had become the poster girl for the 'bad girl' movement...that had begun to fizzle out.
    And Warren readers know, as Thunder pointed out, that Vampirella was NEVER a bad girl. She used violence as a last defense. She wanted to eradicate the Cult of Chaos because of what they had tried to do to her, and because of what Ethan Shroud had done to poor Tyler Westron.
    Did trouble always seem to find her? Yes, that is how gothic heroines are written. This just happened to be a gothic heroine who could kick some serious but when her back was against a wall.
    No modern Vampirella writer or publisher has shown any understanding of the kind of stories that made Vampi...Vampi. Look at the whole arc of Pendragon's ex wife and daughter. The mobster son in law...and the poor caught in the crossfire grandson. There weren't even any supernatural elements to that story, until they shot Vampi up with heroin and she went on a drug induced feeding frenzy. And the aftermath defined her character even more.
    Morning in America was almost this well written. It showed all the promise of continuing the tales of our 'Raven Haired Beauty from the Stars". What happened to the character afterwords is just tragic.
    We can argue about the costume till the sun burns out, and the new publishers and writers will not listen. But the mistakes they are making with their own handling of the CHARACTER of Vampirella...just the same mistakes as Harris made before.

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    I do not know these issues yet, but i cannot wait to hold the TPB in hands. Morning are some of the very few stories I could never lay hands on and I think it was a very good choice to reprint them at this time.