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  • Saying hello

    Hi everyone,

    I just signed up for the Dynamite boards. Some of you Vampirella fans might remember me from her days back at Harris. I assisted Bon and handled the retail aspect of the character like the web-store and Anarchy Studios eBay store. Well I just wanted to reach out to all of you and let you know that after Vampirella was acquired by Dynamite, I was also acquired by Dynamite as well, lol! I'm still handling some of the retail stuff and also helping out in production.

    It's been a long journey for me and I love the destination I arrived at with Dynamite! I work with a great staff here and I have been absolutely excited with all the amazing Vampirella product that we have been churning out. We have more surprises in store for all of you and I'll be communicating on the boards regularly to answer any questions I can. Look forward to talking to all of you.



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    oh, i remember u! great news. now plz convince eric to let vampirella wear her costume more and not be dressed like a reject from vampire diaries.


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      o Chris!! I remember our contact and you sending over some nice TPB's I still cherish!! For sure!!!

      Glad to see you doing ok over at DE!!!


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        At least two people remember me, lol.