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    Just got the new trading card set. Not bad but hurts to pay $70 for images I mostly owned already in comics format. The writeups on the back fell way short of those on the early '90's set by Topps, as well. Although I like the set overall, it got me thinking about what I would really like to pay for in card format. How about a redo of iconic covers & images by great artists (like Texaria covered Frazetta's Warren Vampirella #1 for Dynamite's #1). Both Warren & Harris stuff could contribute. Don't know if would be cost effective but imagine:

    -Enrich doing covers of Sanjulian's great covers
    -Sanjulian covering some of Enrich's greats
    -Jusko doing some of the above or maybe the Gonzalez frontpieces
    -Getting Jim Balent & Louise Small, Jr. together again to cover some interior splash pages, like Vampi by the tombstone in Death's Dark Angel, the robot attack in Vampirella #69, Vampi drugged & chained by Von Kreist in Ascending Evil, the list goes on.
    -Amanda C. doing ANYTHING!